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Our Pine Straw Mulch has been featured in THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE and featured on a segment of the NBC TODAY SHOW

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"Also known as pinestraw, pine needles as mulch works best around trees, shrubs, and perennials, such as Japanese maples, witch hazel, and delphiniums. The reddish-brown strands look especially natural on wooded properties. To get the most pine straw coverage, gently fluff the straw during application" - This Old House®


                   What is pine straw mulch ?                  


What type of plants grow well with pine straw ?


 How deep should a pine straw application be ?


Does pine straw protect against cold weather ?


         Does pine straw help control weeds ?         


     How often should pine straw be applied ?     


        Can you tell me about soil acid levels ?       


   Can my pine straw be stored in the garage ?  


   Will pine straw stay in place with high wind ? 


   What type of pine straw can be walked on ?   


            Will pine straw attract termites ?              


                   Where do you deliver to ?                   


             How is the pine straw delivered ?            


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